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TEXTILE acoustics solutions


Noise can be reduced in many different ways.

Compared to other solutions, Getzner Textil's sound absorbing fabrics offer the advantages of flexibility, a wide range of design options and extremely efficient performance. Due to an extremely successful combination of porosity, weight and surface texture as well as the high level of sound absorption (up to 90 percent), our innovative acunic textiles are perfect for acoustic ambience control.

Acunic – Textile acoustic solutions

The most beautiful and efficient soundproofing method

Sound absorbing design features that reduce the reverberation of sound and therefore the noise level are a must in rooms where people work every day, communicate with each other or simply want to relax. acunic, a Getzner Textil AG brand, is the perfect solution in the area of room acoustics and offers completely new design possibilities – for architects, interior designers or also house builders.

Wide range of options

From suspended ceiling canopies to wall panels, curtains, room dividers or individual elements – there’s a wide range of possibilities. The portfolio ranges from new interpretations of timeless classics to experimental surfaces and 3D textures, guaranteeing unparalleled elegance as well as an efficient on-site performance.

  • Functional 
    The efficient sound absorption has been confirmed by numerous tests.
  • Aesthetic
    acunic offers individual textile solutions in sophisticated designs.
  • Versatile 
    acunic is suitable for suspended ceiling canopies as well as wall panels and curtains.

These fabrics are a functional solution that also meets the most discerning standards – of architects, interior designers or also acoustics consultants.

Markus Dannreuther,
Sales Manager acunic

The major advantages of acoustic textiles

The trend towards open-plan office layouts continues; however, these open designs are associated with noise issues. Sound absorbing fabrics can ensure optimum hearing conditions and make a considerable contribution to optimum room acoustics.

Compared to other materials, fabrics offer the advantage of being pliable and permeable. The latter means: due to their special properties, fabrics are capable of absorbing and converting sound energy due to their porous texture, as they do not have a closed surface structure. They are particularly efficient at absorbing low frequencies. The sound is reduced, e.g. the intensity of the noise is greatly reduced.  Architects particularly appreciate the flexibility and pliability of fabrics, which ensures that they can be used to optimum advantage.

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