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acunic for perfect soundproofing

Acoustic fabrics
Acoustic fabrics

acunic, an innovative Getzner Textil AG brand, stands for extremely effective sound absorption with the aid of acoustic fabrics. These fabrics are a functional solution that also meets the most discerning design standards – of architects, interior designers or also acoustics consultants.

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Acoustic sails, wall panels, curtains, room dividers or also individual elements – soundproofing, or the reduction of noise in interiors, can be achieved in various ways. This is where acunic comes into its own: with the aid of state-of-the-art technologies and high-quality design, the highly effective acoustic fabrics made by Getzner Textil create a pleasant, comfortable and healthy atmosphere; they are ideal for architecturally challenging solutions or solutions that call for sophisticated design.  They also create a working environment that makes it easier for people to concentrate and pay attention.

Architects and interior designers appreciate this newly available wide variety of design possibilities and benefit from the extensive portfolio, which also includes geometric, three-dimensional honeycomb shapes and structures that are completely new in terms of design and functionality.

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