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Technical fabrics
Technical fabrics

Technical solutions for unusually challenging requirements

Every day, we face challenges that we are only able to solve thanks to our many years of experience, the expertise of our employees, our innovative development department and our comprehensive range of production options. Our technical fabrics are used in a very wide range of different areas. We hold numerous certificates. Leading companies rely on our fabrics – with justification.

Extremely light fabrics such as those used in the areas of ballooning or sailing, for example, must be able to withstand the most demanding conditions. On the one hand, they must be permeable and dense yet on the other, they must also be strong and durable. Our high-performance fabrics meet all of these requirements perfectly.


Our technical fabrics are used in a very wide range of different industrial areas. Fabrics have an important functional role in the form of filters, air conditioning hoses, cleaning textiles, straps or belts. We specialise in this wide range of uses and in meeting the individual requirements of our customers.

Indoor and outdoor shading protects people and materials against the consequences of UV radiation. Our fabric solutions also provide shade and are used for blackout blinds. 

Marquees, tenting or tarpaulins for special advertising banners must be able to withstand inclement weather; they must be tear resistant and water repellent and also meet certain fire safety standards. This calls for special, certified fabric solutions.

Acoustic Fabrics

Our various products reduce the reverberation times by absorbing the sound energy. This increases the intelligibility of speech and considerably reduces the sound level in noisy surroundings.

Our development department is equipped with a testing laboratory (flow resistance meter, echo chamber, acoustic impedance tube) where we test the effectiveness of our acoustic products.

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