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Safely protected
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Personal protective equipment
Personal protective equipment

We ensure safety in difficult situations.

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A broad spectrum of situations calls for personal protective equipment. It ranges from protective clothing for rescue and emergency services to protective workwear and special leisure activity and sports clothing. Technical fabrics must therefore meet an equally wide range of challenging requirements. Getzner has many years of experience in this area and its fabrics comply with numerous standards. The in-house brands  SR-Flameprotect®, GUARDIANTEX® and SR-MULTISAFE® have made the company a valued partner for fire brigades, rescue services, police forces and the military for many years.

Our fabrics are used to manufacture the cleanroom garments that are worn in the watchmaking or in the automotive industry, for example, and also in the medical field. They help to maintain a 100% sterile environment and to prevent contamination. They are also an effective barrier against blood and other fluids.

In sports, on the other hand, they are used for  motorcyclists' clothing to prevent abrasions in the event of contact with the ground as a result of an accident. However, regardless of the domain they are used in and the requirements they must meet: Getzner offers a wide range of different fabrics for further processing. If specific requirements go beyond the existing portfolio, we are happy to develop customised solutions. 

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