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Military & police
Military & police

Protect the people whose job it is to protect the lives of others

Piktogramm Militär und Polizei

Members of the military and police forces face a multitude of dangers – from physical attacks to exposure to harmful substances and the necessity of remaining invisible to potentially dangerous persons. Protection against vectors is also very important. They are a particular health risk in many areas of operation. 

Getzner's technical fabrics fulfil all of the most important functions that are essential for the protection of members of the military and police forces. They also guarantee that the protective clothing is comfortable to wear, elastic and also breathable. 

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Tested and certified up to numerous standards

Our fabrics meet many different norms and standards:

  • EN 1294-72

    Surface abrasion resistance

  • EN 20811

    Water column

  • EN 105-B02

    Colour fastness

  • EN 6941, NF G07 184, EN 15025 under consideration of EN 14116 Index 1 and 53438-3

    Burning behaviour. Tested and verified through DLR Bunsen burner test

  • EN 14419

    Oil repellent

  • EN 4920

    Water repellent

  • Infrared reflectometry measurements

    Spectrophotometer Lambda 900 Perkin-Elmer, 150mm integrating sphere 8° angle

  • and numerous other norms

    We would be happy to tell you more – please contact us.

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