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Protective companions in extreme situations

Our technical fabrics have to ensure that the people who wear them are as well-protected as possible as they go about their jobs or pursue their leisure time activities. This applies both to members of the public or the emergency services, the military or the police during operations as well as industrial workwear. Our functional high-tech solutions are also used in the area of challenging leisure time activities. 

The spectrum of areas where PPE is called for ranges from protective clothing for members of the emergency services to protective workwear, the medical field, leisure time activities and sports. Getzner offers a host of different fabrics for further processing. If specific requirements go beyond the existing portfolio, we are happy to develop customised solutions.

Our fabrics are used to manufacture special operations equipment, which includes uniforms as well as other pieces of equipment such as backpacks, bags, helmets, parachutes or footwear. Our material meets a wide range of standards. Over the years, our numerous police force and military customers have attested its reliability, functionality and high quality. 

Many companies are not only legally obliged to ensure the health and safety of their employees as they perform their jobs but also consider occupational health and safety a given. Our extremely durable and effective fabrics help to prevent injuries. Whether they are used indoors in production facilities or worn by people who work outdoors – our fabrics are as varied as the dangerous situations they may potentially be exposed to. 

People that push themselves to the limit as they pursue their sports or leisure time activities have every right to expect their clothing to perform equally well. It should, for example, be elastic, lightweight and airy, breathable, comfortable to wear and also have the ideal strength. Our functional fabrics make a decisive contribution when it comes to all of these requirements in the area of sports and outdoor clothing.

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